How To Find A Good Auto Mechanic To Work On Your Car

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Published: 06th November 2012
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When it comes to caring for your vehicle, it can be very important to make sure you have an auto mechanic you can trust. Quality auto mechanics can help to prevent major car catastrophes and accidents by providing quality work at an affordable price. On the other hand, poor auto mechanics may leave you with unpredictable and unsafe results while charging you a fortune for a car repair. If you are looking for an auto mechanic for any type of car repair, there are a few specific things you can do to help ensure that you find the right mechanic.

Talk To People You Trust
If you don’t already know a trustworthy mechanic, chances are that you know some people who you trust. Unless you have a very uncommon group of family and friends, you probably know someone who has recently been to an auto mechanic who can give you some advice. If you are new to an area, try to ask people who have been around for a long time. These individuals can likely help guide you in the right direction. When possible, it might be a good idea to ask advice from someone who has a similar car to yours. Some mechanics may be better able to work on certain makes and models than others.

Understand The Different Types Of Repair Shops
As you consider different auto mechanics for your car repair, it can be a good idea to understand the differences between the different types of repair shops. Each shop type has different perks and benefits, so it can be very helpful to understand the differences. 

There are three different types of auto shops:

*Chain store auto shops
*Independent repair shops

Dealerships are generally very skilled at working on specific types of cars. For example, a Honda dealership is likely full of mechanics who know a thing or two about working on Hondas. Because of this, dealerships often provide high quality work on auto repairs. In most cases, dealerships are the highest in terms of prices, but they are also very good at providing warranties for their services.
Chain store auto shops are the ones that you likely see the most often. You may have in mind a few common chain store auto shops already. Chain auto shops often provide lower prices on auto repair; however they may not have as great of expertise on performing repairs on specific makes. Chain auto shops are generally very skilled at completing minor repairs that do not require major specialization.
Independent repair shops vary greatly in terms of price and quality of repairs. Often times, these shops have mechanics with different areas of specialty, providing a large range of skills. With so many different types of independent repair shops, it can be helpful to use personal recommendations to find a good independent auto repai shop.

Final Considerations
As you make your decision on an auto repair shop, you may want to consider what type of affiliations a shop has. Trade associations like the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence and the American Automobile Association may give you further clues about an auto shop.

Convenience can make a big difference in selecting an auto repair shop. Things like open hours and location can make or break a decision.

When you have considered your options, you can confidently choose a good mechanic to work on your car.

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